There is nothing as tragic as man’s inhumanity to man; what triggers such hatred that some are prepared to give up their own existence to destroy another’s way of life?

In his 5th novel Alan Reynolds explores the conditioning of the jihadists as we follow a young Iraqi, Tariq and his quest for revenge and martyrdom. We also learn about the SAS soldier who has to live with the consequences of war and his own demons of conflict. He attains an odd solace in the isolation of working on a North Sea Oil Rig but, in an almost impossible coincidence, these two worlds collide with explosive results.



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The Sixth Pillar

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Alan has put together a reading and a video from the new book ‘The Sixth Pillar’ on You Tube. Click below to view

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Sixth Pillar Video

'The Sixth Pillar is a brilliant book and wonderfully written... each page holding your attention throughout... a book definitely not to be missed! There has clearly been a tremendous amount of research gone into the writing of this action packed thriller and the two main strands of the story line brought superbly together in a very clever and convincing way. The book is as enjoyable as all of Alan's other publications and just leaves me waiting in anticipation of his next release. Highly recommended!'

'It's not often you get a thriller that is both exciting and interesting. Less so one that actually raises a lot of questions. I was expecting merely to be taken to the inevitable Hollywood conclusion: a final, explosive confrontation between good and evil. But the story's far more concerned with how the characters get there (the conclusion is as thrilling as you'd ever want it to be!) And it's that that keeps you hooked - a chillingly realistic portrayal of the corruption of a boy who comes to believe he's destined to be a martyr.
Well done, Mr Reynolds'


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The Author is available for functions and book readings.  You can contact the author here

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