Taskers End

A gripping psychological thriller

Following a detailed risk assessment the decision is made to release Gerald Perry, a diagnosed schizophrenic and convicted murderer, back into the community from the secure mental institution where he has been locked away for over five years.

With the support of his trusty solicitor he assumes a new identity and returns to his family seat, the large rambling house called Taskers End which he inherited from his grandparents and starts to build a new life for himself. Soon after his release he discovers that his beloved grandparents died in mysterious circumstances and he is convinced that their deaths were not accidental. When no-one will take his concerns seriously, he uses his forensic skills from his university days to carry out his own investigation ...with devastating consequences. Will the old house give up its secrets?

Then there’s Maureen, the unsuspecting girl who falls for him only to find she has taken on more than she had bargained for. She turns his world upside down but is he ready to cope with the emotional turmoil that ensues?

This thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Status – Published and available on Amazon

ISBN Number: 978-1906377571


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'I'm never normally gripped by so much by story lines but this kept me in suspense throughout. Just couldn't put it down!
Wasn't able to work out the ending either, an absolutely excellent read, bring on the next one!'

'This story had me hooked from the outset. I'm sure that my pulse rate must have increased as I progressed through it and circumstances, decisions and fate all began to take effect. I recommend this book to fans of Ruth Rendell and I don't think for one moment they will be disappointed. Gripping stuff'


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