“The culture within parts of British banking has increasingly been one of risk-taking leading to the meltdown that we have witnessed”

The House of Commons Treasury Committee

7th Report of the session 2008-2009

21st April 2009

In his 6th Novel, Alan Reynolds has blown the lid off the culture and practices in British Banking that led to the financial crisis of 2008.

The book is set in a fictional Bank in 1997 and follows the exploits of Martin Brazier the manager of a branch in the North of England. We learn at first hand about the pressures exerted by the bullying Regional Director and his relentless drive to achieve targets. The rewards for success are lavish with bonuses and incentive trips; the punishment for failure, humiliation and shame. The resulting behaviours - hedonism, greed and dishonesty are played out in a fast moving thriller which will have readers on the edge of their seats as the story unfolds.


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ISBN 978-1906377625

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'A great read taking you behind the banking counter of the late 90's.
Whether fiction or fact for those that worked in banking during the period much of this book will ring bells in abundance. For those that didn't work in the industry, prepare to be shocked.'

'Recently finished `Breaking The Bank' which is a fantastic read. As with Alan's previous publications it was superbly written and so easy to read....... with each page and chapter leaving you wondering how the story will develop and progress. The story line is well thought out and the different treads so brilliantly brought together with a clever and unexpected ending.
I'm very much looking forward to reading his new book `The Sixth Pillar' which I have no doubt will be another great read. Keep them coming, Alan!!'

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